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Yellowstone Tornado

Yellowstone Tornado

SKU: 0480585840
Yellowstone series: Official fragrance of Paramount Network's record-breaking hit series Yellowstone. This amazing fragrance is proudly made in the USA.“You are the trailer park, and I am the Tornado”: This Beth Dutton-inspired perfume is for the fierce yet sensual lady of the ranch.  This handcrafted eau de parfum says “stay sexy, stay dirty, stay you”!Rich, Confident & Sensual: With notes of wind bloom jasmine, blue cyclamen, rare amberwood, burnt sugar crystals and vanilla cedar, this fragrance delivers the complexity of a strong woman.Fragrance for Women: Tru Western's women's long-lasting perfumes and fragrances are the ultimate scents for women who embrace the western world, adventures, and the outdoors.Tru Western: Established in 1969, Tru was built through handshake agreements and a sacred trust that each fragrance would be authentically crafted with a clear commitment to quality.
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