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Wild & Free Indigo Fields

Wild & Free Indigo Fields

SKU: 0480660400
Wild and Free: Indigo Fields is not only an incredible body fragrance, but also designed as a hydrating fragrance for your hair! Use it in place of your usual body spray for women.Bright & Dreamy: Perfect for summer days and carefree nights, Indigo Fields combines bright berries and citrus, magnolia blossom, white cedar and crystallized amber for a dreamy fragrance fit for outdoor adventures.Soft Scent: With a refreshingly gentle scent, Indigo Fields is a perfect complement to your body wash. For a sweet, soft fragrance that lasts all day (or night), choose Tru Western women's perfumes.Fragrance for Women: Tru Western's Wild & Free collection adds the perfect feminine touch for any country girl at heart.  Pair with your favorite cowboy hat & boots!Tru Western: Established in 1969, Tru was built through handshake agreements and a sacred trust that each fragrance would be authentically crafted with a clear commitment to quality.
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